Royals notes: Johnny Be Good edition

So how good was Johnny Giavotella’s debut this weekend?  Let’s just put it this way – Hosmer’s reportedly upset that he’s no longer the only Royal being compared to Jesus and Chuck Norris.  All kidding aside, though, Gio had about as good of a debut series as anyone could have imagined.  He went 5 for 11 at the plate with 3 extra-base hits (including his first major league home run), had key hits in close games, and perhaps most importantly to his doubters, he played good defense.  If you didn’t see it, check out his leaping grab of this flare in Saturday’s game and this nice scoop on a low throw from Escobar in Sunday’s game.  It’s only 3 games, but it was definitely encouraging.

Making a move on 4th place, but…
Don’t look now, but the Royals are 12-11 since the All-Star break and only 2 games behind the 4th-place Twins.  (Sidenote, but if I’m still blogging about only being 2 games back of 4th place next August, we can officially consider Mission 2012 an epic fail.)  However, we’ve got a brutal schedule for the rest of August.  We’ve got: 4 @Rays, 3 @ChiSox, 3 vs. Yankees, 4 vs. BoSox, 3 @Toronto, 3 @Indians, 3 @Tigers.  Yowza.  Not only is the competition rough, but only 7 of those 23 games are at home.  Realistically, if we go 10-13 the rest of the month, I think we should be pretty pleased.

The Butler did it – but why does he admit it?
Billy Butler’s home run streak last week (and his overall hot streak the last month) has generated a ton of attention from Royals fans.  Butler credited some changes Seitzer helped him out with: “Getting my hands higher, working down to the ball and it creates more backspin.”  This is all well and good, but it made me wonder, why tell anyone?  Folks in baseball always talk about how baseball’s a game of constant adjustments as pitchers and batters keep adapting to each other – so if that’s the case, why make it easy on the opponent by letting them know what adjustment you just made?  Maybe it’s because things like this are easy to spot on tape?  But even then, you’d still give the opponent a chance to miss it if you keep your mouth shut.  Anyway, it just seems odd to me, especially when you compare it to football where Bill Belichick won’t even tell you what size shoe his o-line coach is wearing.

Baconator is dead. Long live Country Breakfast!
As I mentioned last time, it appears Butler has a new nickname: Country Breakfast.  Much as I loved his old nickname (the Baconator), I think it’s time to embrace Country Breakfast.  After all, not only does Butler dig the new nickname, but now there’s a t-shirt for it – and doesn’t everything become official once it’s on a t-shirt?

Rany rules
Rany’s posts are always great reads, but his two most recent ones are especially interesting.  One is about why we didn’t trade any of the most likely trade candidates, and the other poses the question of how does Paulino compare to Ubaldo Jimenez.  I highly recommend you read them both.  Heck, if you’re short on time, I recommend you read them instead of my ramblings.  =)

Because I’m required to make fun of Cardinals fans…
I recently learned that Kansas City and St. Louis have a rivalry.  I’m not being sarcastic, but somehow, despite growing up in Kansas City, following KC sports since I was a little kid, and now living in KC again – I’ve never been aware that there was this KC-StL rivalry over, well, everything.  So in an attempt to make up for my non-participation in this for most of my life, I’d like to share with you an entertaining interview that SB Nation did with one Josh “Randy” Sullivan, Cardinals fan extraordinaire.  And in case you have no idea who he is, you might know him from this picture from several years ago.


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